Poll: Does Andrea Rossi have what he claims? (Updated with results)

[UPDATED with results—see below] Andrea Rossi says he is the inventor of the E-Cat, the LENR based energy source that he has been making claims about since at least 2011, which I covered in my book An Impossible Invention.

Since I’m curious to get a picture of what the opinion is today about Andrea Rossi and his claims, I invite you to answer the poll below.

In order not to influence voters, the results of the poll will initially be hidden.

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[UPDATED June 17, 2019]:

After about one week there are slightly more than 800 answers to the poll and the result has been stable for the last days. The poll will remain open for another few days, and the results will be visible.

I’m not surprised that almost one out of four considers the evidence too scarce to be able to answer the poll. On the other hand, the objective of the poll was rather to ask for an opinion based on the limited evidence available. If there were solid evidence, the poll would essentially have had no meaning since we would already know the answer.