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The book An Impossible Invention
(Swedish: En omöjlig uppfinning,
Italian: Un’invenzione impossible)

is available at:


English: Second Edition.
Italiano: Seconda edizione.
Svenska: Andra upplagan.


For the second edition in EPUB-format (for iPad, iPhone and most e-book readers), in English, Italian, or Swedish, or for the first edition in Swedish as a paperback, please send me an email at



  1. Hallo Mats ich habe mich gerade für das Symposium in Stockholm angemeldet und bin auf dein Buch aufmerksam geworden! Danke für dein großartiges Wirken für LENR! Wird das Buch demnächst auch in deutscher Sprache erscheinen – wir haben in Deutschland ein großes Informationsdefizit bezüglich der Coldreaction! Viel Glück in allem und liebe Grüße aus Leipzig von Roland

  2. “Strange, I followed the link for the Swedish Kindle edition and bought the book. Only the cover was in Swedish…”

    … And a few hours later I had the correct version sent directly from the author. That is outstanding service!

  3. Hi Hans-Erik, thanks for your comment.
    There was an error with the Swedish e-book edition in the Amazon store. It’s now being updated and should be live within 48 hours is now live. Meanwhile I have sent you a file with the Swedish text inside. I also discovered that the Swedish EPUB-version had the English cover.
    Anyone who has ordered the Swedish e-book with any of these problems, please let me know and I’ll send you a new file.

  4. Now I found the currency change option down at the right on the frontage of the webstore — and again, that’s only a calculation. The currency when paying with Paypal will always be SEK.

  5. Hi Arrigo, I recently added an app in my store (based on the Swedish e-store platform Tictail) which would make it possible to see the total amount in another currency, as you say, but I cannot even see it work when visiting the store myself. In any case, I would guess that this is only a calculation and that the price showing up in Paypal would still be in SEK. Sorry about that.

  6. Thanks for the update, Mats. I tried to change the currency from SEK to USD but I still see the price in SEK when I am transferred to paypal. Do you think this can be fixed?

  7. Arrigo — within a day or two I hope. Waiting for the web shop site to resolve the issue — I cannot upload the ebook file. Thanks for waiting.

  8. Hi Laura — it should be a matter of weeks now. The translation is ready. I just need to get the Italian cover ready and find time to do the print/epub original. Hope you can wait 😉

  9. Hi William,
    just send me an email (, telling me where and when you got the first edition, and I’ll provide the second edition for you.

  10. I heard that those who had bought the first edition would get a free update. How do I obtain the free second edition?

  11. I would like to buy the book in paper and checked CreateSpace. However you have to make an account and I realy don’t want to create new accounts whenever I buy something. So I am sorry to say that I will not buy the book until I just can buy it with my credit card or Paypal.

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