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The book An Impossible Invention
(Swedish: En omöjlig uppfinning,
Italian: Un’invenzione impossible)

is available at:


English: Second Edition, paperback.
Italiano, versione cartacea (basata sulla seconda edizione inglese)
Svenska: Andra upplagan, pocketbok.



English: Second Edition, e-book in Kindle format (here), and paperback (here).
Italiano: e-book formato Kindle (qui), versione cartacea (qui).
Svenska: Andra upplagan, e-bok för Kindle (här), och pocketbok (här).


AnImpossibleInventionShopEnglish (free shipping):

Second Edition, e-book in EPUB format (for iPad, iPhone and most e-book readers).

First Edition, paperback, discounted (comes with errata page with corrections and updates).



Italiano (spedizione gratuita):

E-book formato EPUB (adatto alla maggior parte dei lettori di ebook tra cui iPad e iPhone), basato sulla seconda edizione inglese.


AnImpossibleInventionShopSvenska (fri frakt):

Andra upplagan, e-bok i EPUB-format (för iPad, iPhone och de flesta e-bokläsare). 

Första upplagan, pocketbok, rabatterad (ett blad med korrigeringar och uppdateringar medföljer).



  1. “Strange, I followed the link for the Swedish Kindle edition and bought the book. Only the cover was in Swedish…”

    … And a few hours later I had the correct version sent directly from the author. That is outstanding service!

  2. Hi Hans-Erik, thanks for your comment.
    There was an error with the Swedish e-book edition in the Amazon store. It’s now being updated and should be live within 48 hours is now live. Meanwhile I have sent you a file with the Swedish text inside. I also discovered that the Swedish EPUB-version had the English cover.
    Anyone who has ordered the Swedish e-book with any of these problems, please let me know and I’ll send you a new file.

  3. Now I found the currency change option down at the right on the frontage of the webstore — and again, that’s only a calculation. The currency when paying with Paypal will always be SEK.

  4. Hi Arrigo, I recently added an app in my store (based on the Swedish e-store platform Tictail) which would make it possible to see the total amount in another currency, as you say, but I cannot even see it work when visiting the store myself. In any case, I would guess that this is only a calculation and that the price showing up in Paypal would still be in SEK. Sorry about that.

  5. Thanks for the update, Mats. I tried to change the currency from SEK to USD but I still see the price in SEK when I am transferred to paypal. Do you think this can be fixed?

  6. Arrigo — within a day or two I hope. Waiting for the web shop site to resolve the issue — I cannot upload the ebook file. Thanks for waiting.

  7. Hi Laura — it should be a matter of weeks now. The translation is ready. I just need to get the Italian cover ready and find time to do the print/epub original. Hope you can wait 😉

  8. Hi William,
    just send me an email (, telling me where and when you got the first edition, and I’ll provide the second edition for you.

  9. I heard that those who had bought the first edition would get a free update. How do I obtain the free second edition?

  10. I would like to buy the book in paper and checked CreateSpace. However you have to make an account and I realy don’t want to create new accounts whenever I buy something. So I am sorry to say that I will not buy the book until I just can buy it with my credit card or Paypal.

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