I’m honoured…

shutterstock_227852941-718x523… that the Irish news outlet Siliconrepublic.com chose my book ‘An Impossible Invention’ as one of ‘the seven best books and fascinating reads for the STEM enthusiast in your life.

“Charting Rossi’s work, and detailing a series of interviews with the inventor, Lewan looks into the weird and compelling life of a man promising the world.

Recommended for: Those who believe in the impossible, and environmentalists.”



  1. Indeed, Tyy. I suspect that Mats is going to deeply regret his involvement with Rossi and Defkalion when that whole unsavory mess shakes out.

  2. Dear Mats, congratulations on getting credible evaluation of your book as one of the best educational books for fascinating reading. Definitely, your book is such. Your work is judged on its merits.

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