The Italian edition — Un’invenzione impossible — is finally out!

AII_cover_it_200pxI’m happy to announce that the Italian edition of An Impossible Invention — Un’invenzione impossible — is finally out. I’m particularly satisfied since the story is closely related to Italy to which I have personal connections, my wife being Italian.

A great thanks to Alex Passi who has made the translation, and who preferred not to be compensated but instead asked me to donate part of the sales revenue to scientific research, which I will do. What research that will receive the donation is still to be defined.

It will be interesting to see how the Italian edition will be received in Italy. From my blog statistics I can see that most people following this story live in the USA, Sweden and Italy, in that order.

However, although Italy is one of the countries where important cold fusion (LENR) research have been made, there are also fierce critics of everything that regards cold fusion, and of Rossi and the E-Cat in particular.

The Italian edition is based on the second English edition, published in November 2014. When creating the print original and e-book files for the Italian edition I have also made minor corrections to the English and Swedish editions, and they are now live. No content has been added though.

I personally believe that we’ll have to wait at least until the presentation of the results of the ongoing trial of the 1 MW plant by Rossi and Industrial Heat before having anything substantial to add to this story.

This is also a good occasion to thank the Italian graphic designer Marco Renieri for the excellent cover art of the book in all three versions.

Un’invenzione impossibile is available as paperback at Create Space and Amazon, as e-book in Kindle format at Amazon, and as e-book in the standardised Epub format (suitable for most ebook readers including iPad and iPhone) at my own web-shop An Impossible Invention — Shop.

A tutti i lettori italiani — buona lettura!



  1. Gee, George Hody, the Orbo might end up being real, after all. You might end up looking even worse, George Hody. It is suprising, George Hody, that you continue to not come out and admit that you are George Hody, despite the fact that there has been some pretty good evidence that you are, indeed, George Hody.

  2. It’s becoming so that only the lowest common denominator of idiot is believing Rossi. Sorry, Mats, but look below in these comment and see the quality of the company you have.

    And as long as some lowest denominator idiots (LCDI) have money, Rossi won’t complain. He targets LCDI’s.

    Would you believe that even as discredited and bankrupt an idea as Steorn’s Orbo was able to get 2 million Euros recently in new funding. Rich doesn’t mean smart!

  3. Gee, George Hody, I wonder if you are admitting, publicly, that you are George Hody. See, George Hody, it would be easy for you to clear up any confusion about whether or not you are George Hody. All you have to do, George Hody, is say, publicly, that you are George Hody. However, George Hody, if you are not George Hody, then all that you would have to do is say, publicly, that you are not George Hody. I wonder why you have not done this, yet, George Hody.

  4. Someone help me out here. How much has Rossi given to children with cancer so far? Zero, zip, nothing? But he does buy Florida condominiums. What a guy! Maybe he’ll give those to children with cancer.

    I’m a partner in Lattice LLC? I have no idea what they are. Also don’t care. Never been to high school? Then I must be brilliant and I skipped straight to a doctorate degree. I’m George Hody? Then, I am a world class expert in calorimetry and fully qualified to cast doubt on Rossi, Parkhomov, and the Swedish professors (aka the three blind mice).

    Oh joy! In the face of such a brilliant defense of Rossi, his opponents must be cowering in fear! As I’ve said before, with friends like that, Rossi needs no enemas enemies.

  5. “What research that will receive the donation is still to be defined.”

    In the spirit of the great inventor Dr. Andrea Rossi, may I suggest that the donation will be dedicated to research aimed at finding cures to various types of cancer, particularly those that affect innocent children.

  6. Here is again Mary Yogurt, a partner of Lattice llc, a competitor in the field of LENR owned by Widom-Larsen. This company has been able to do nothing in twenty years, but use its hatchet men ( the three musketeers: Mary Yogurt, Steve Krivit, Gary Wright, all partners of Lattice llc) to try to assassinate the characters of their competitors. Obviously their preferred target is Andrea Rossi, because is the sole one that has been able to make LENR devices that really work. Their blogospheric production is an original mix of libelling, falsification made by inconsistent competitors in the field of LENR disguised as “scientific journalist”: none of them has been able to go beyond the middle school.

  7. “I personally believe that we’ll have to wait at least until the presentation of the results of the ongoing trial of the 1 MW plant by Rossi and Industrial Heat before having anything substantial to add to this story.”
    Mats, you said the same thing in 2011 about the original collection of loose surplus parts that Rossi called a megawatt plant. You seem to always buy whatever BS Rossi is selling. I expect you will be waiting some more for Rossi in 2020 — unless he’s sued or jailed before then.

    But congratulations on the Italian translation. It’s always nice to get something like that done when one is an author.

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