Historic event: One-year 1 megawatt E-Cat trial completed

Drawing of the 1MW plant.

Drawing of the 1MW plant.

On February 17, 2016, a 350-day commercial test of a one megawatt heat plant based on Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat was completed. The event must be considered historic since it’s the first time an industrially useful amount of energy is produced over such a long time from this kind of yet unexplained radiation-free nuclear reaction—LENR or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.

To be clear, the report from the one-year trial, which has been controlled by a major independent third party certification institute, will be released only in about a month or two, and until then no official information is provided on the test result. However, multiple sources have told me that the test has been successful.

Earlier, some sources having visited the test plant told me that the COP, Coefficient of Performance, i.e. the ratio between output power and input power for control, was in the range 20—80, meaning that the heat plant was consuming 12—50 kW while producing 1 MW—the average consumption of about 300 Western households, including electricity, space heating, water heating and air conditioning.

I have also been told that the total amount of fuel—mostly harmless elements such as lithium, hydrogen and nickel, according to Andrea Rossi’s granted patent on the technology—was in the range of tens of grams. And supposedly the charge has never been changed during the year. On the other hand, after one year’s run, the reactors are now being recharged for further operation.

All this might be confirmed by the third party institute, that has been controlling the heat plant 24/7 with video cameras.

The test has been undertaken by Andrea Rossi and his US industrial partner Industrial Heat, and according to Rossi, commercialisation of similar industrial heat plants will be initiated as soon as possible, provided that the result is positive. Industrial Heat has acquired the right to produce and sell E-Cat based technology in, as far as I have been told, North, Central and South America, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


New Energy World Symposium, NewS.

Needless to say, the consequences of such an energy source for the world will be huge. And the consequences for industry, finance and society is also the focus of the New Energy World Symposium or NewS, which will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 21, 2016, provided that the report from the test is clearly positive.

So, now we all wait for the report. Personally, however, I will put the champagne on ice. Now.



  1. @Oystein Lande

    First, Rossi never suggested that the radiation from the hot cat is anything other than heat — he specifically denied EM and gamma radiation. But if you’re concerned about the radiation spectrum of an LENR reaction (whatever the heck that is), simply measure it with appropriate spectroscopy.

    But my main point is that an estimate of the energy produced by use of a thermal camera is a ruse by Rossi to begin with and is intended only to complicate, obfuscate and mislead. First, if you want a proof of concept of Rossi’s “effect”, then the device tested by Levi and reported by Lewan in 2011 is vastly better. At least 10 times as much power from about the same volume and a power out to power in ration also at least ten times better. Problem is, that measurement, just like ALL the measurements, publicly reported, in which Lewan/or and Levi were involved, lacked calibration and thus were worthless. In the case of the 2011 experiment, a simple (but deliberate by Rossi) misplacement of the output thermocouple, too close to the huge heater in the device, would be enough to get the results without any LENR.


    One of the strangest aspects of this whole story is the decreasing output per volume of the ecats with time, a hallmark of energy scams, and the failure to repeat what seems like immensely successful and potentially probative experiments like Levi’s fluid/mass flow calorimetry run. Most of you know my conclusion about why those things are the way they are, so I won’t bother to repeat it again.

    I can hardly wait for the big reveal– who the “independent” referee of Rossi’s will be this time, what the company is which allowed the test and was the “customer” and which agency has been trying without success to certify a domestic/home ecat for going on five years. And people think this is all real? And they really believe Rossi can spend 16 hours a day for a year inside the container with the machine and STILL not be able to say conclusively whether it works or not (F9 !!!!) Yah shoore.

  2. This is what Peter said on his blog:
    The Report – probably somewhere between 1500 and 2000 pages is for the parts of the deal and for accountants. We LENR-ists are much more interested in the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY that is already circulating 1 front page plus appendices but the essential is shown in less than 20 sentences.
    My prediction is that this executive summary will appear on the Web in less that 12 days.

  3. Mats, Peter Gluck claims that an executive summary of the 350 days test is already circulating. Have you seen it?

  4. There is such a simple requirement for a real test that I am curious whether it was met in this year long test. If the COP is > 1, disconnnect all outside power after the first few days, leaving an air gap around the system, and take input power from a storage battery replenished by generated power. Was this done?

  5. Yes Pekka, I got your point. Obviously the information might be wrong. I don’t think, however, that the source referred to to mass reduction of the fuel.

  6. @Mats Lewan, Yes, per mass is the same as per nucleon. Anyway my original point was that if your source said that the amount of fuel was some tenths of grams, either he was wrong, or, more likely, he was referring to the E=m*c^2 mass reduction of the fuel, rather than the mass of the fuel itself.

  7. It does not seem like Rossi himself is a very reliable source of information, at best he can be described as overly optimistic.

    But I find it more and more difficult to believe this is all a scam:

    1) Investors (Cherokee/Industrial Heat) are on record having invested in this.

    2) One can be quite certain that the investors know where the supposed 1MW plant is and who the customer is. That Rossi could just say “Give me your investment but I will keep the location of the plant secret for you” – and still be funded just doesn’t add up.

    3) Given the investors know who the customer is, they would surely be in contact with them for feedback of how this is going along. Since this is supposed to be a 1 MW plant, the customer would surely notice a change in their electrical bill at this scale, and I can’t really see the investors wouldn’t ask the customer about this.

    The fact that they are not working with a large company can seem strange on the face of it, but I can see some reasons why:
    – having invested so much of his own time in this, Rossi and IH do not want to “sell out” at this early stage an definitely not just to one specific company. They would license the tech to multiple once its proven in real commercial products.
    – the tech has not yet been ready for such large scale production anyhow so even if they were working large companies, there is nothing to gain by announcing it.

  8. Oystein,
    You may have a point about the IR spectrum of LENR.

    The problem with that idea is that the unknown IR output outside the range of the camera detection cannot be used to estimate reactor output, if the camera cannot not see the unknown IR, and it passes through the alumina unimpeded.

    On the other hand, If I were planning on heating water directly with IR radiation, I would use short wave IR, not long wave.

  9. Maryyougo, the problem with using IR camera in the Lugano test, was that we do not know the energy emission spectrum of LENR. Alumina is transparent to parts of electromagnetic spectrum, i.e which will not be converted to heat in Alumina and not deteceed by IR camera. LENR will definetly have different spectrum than an electrical heater.

    Therefore evaluating energy produced by using IR camera on alumina will not be accurate , i.e. Will underestimate energy production of LENR.

  10. Tyy,

    It could be a relevant question, but when Rossi recently where asked If the “old e-cat” now are obsolete with the progress of e-cat X, Rossi answerred : “no, the 2 versions will be fit in different contexts”…

    The 250 KW units will be fit for Industrial heat purposes, I Imagine. If it’s all true that is 😉

  11. I agree 100% tyy. To date the leopard has never changed its spots and this is not just limited to LENR but all the energy schemes and frauds to date. I have not been able to find a single success or honest reporting.

  12. “The most egregious error is the emissivity one, where the total and normal emissivity values used are the same in the report, but have been shown to be quite different in several skeptical analyses. This is important in that the power calculated by the report authors is directly a result of the emissivity values used. The reported COP is therefore directly connected to this conflation of emissivity values.”

    Actually the most basic, fundamental and crucial error in every one of the tests, demos and experiments, reported publicly by and for Rossi has been the same identical and unforgivable mistake — failure to calibrate the output power measurement coupled with failure to insure the integrity of the input power source and measurement.

    Mats Lewan, the late Dr. Kullander and Dr. Essen were criticized for this failure in early 2011 (the wet steam/dry steam debacle) and again in later experiments (the thermocouple placement debacle) and had every opportunity to get it right in the hot cat experiments. But they failed dismally to do so. It is completely incomprehensible that a device which incorporates a *built in* large electrical heater was not calibrated over the full operating temperature range, using that heater.

    There are innumerable other inconsistencies, lies, deceptions and evasions in Rossi’s stories (he’s currently recycling the nonsense about having a huge (robotic?) factory ready to make millions of ecats). But the failure to hold Rossi’s feet to the performance of a proper calibration has happened every time and the only possible explanation is negligence and incompetence on the part of those assisting and participating in these tests.

    That someone should take a discovery purported to be a tabletop multi kilowatt reactor and not work with a large company (think GE, GM, Tesla or any large Chinese or European company) is incomprehensible since this ridiculous farce has now gone 5 years!

    The decrement in performance from a power output of 135kW peak and 20kW steady state reported in 2011 in Mats own magazine under *his authorship!* …

    ( http://www.nyteknik.se/nyheter/energi_miljo/energi/article3108242.ece )

    … to the current arguable 3 kW of the hotcat is equally inexplicable. And the so-called COP went from better than 30 to the current claim of 3! This performance loss with time, when improvement would be expected, is the hallmark of an energy scam.

    The lack of response of the Swedish scientists responsible for the Lugano report to responsible critiques by people like Thomas Clarke is also very telling.

    The topping on the cake is Rossi claim to certification based on a worthless self-reported safety document and Rossi’s joy over a patent which simply describes a heater configuration wherein the source of heat could be anything — for example, the electric heater the device prominently contains. These claims are reminiscent of the time Rossi purchased a PhD diploma from a now state-closed fake university (Kensington). He is now claiming it was honorary which is pure nonsense. Rossi just makes stuff up as he goes along and the believers all swallow it.

  13. So, what’s next? Let me guess.

    Rossi will inform, that the test was a success but no details are available because they are confidential. Also, there are some problems with old e-cat technology, so the modules should be replace by e-cat X. Of course.

    And then we wait for couple of more years. And the believers will be fascinated by the genius of good Dottore Rossi.

    Same pattern has repeated several times already, so I why would the basic story change. It won’t.

    More empty talk coming up. More excess heat.

    Interested to see if the entertainment value is still there.

  14. Norman Cook’s theory is completely cuckoo. Of course it is not even wrong, but it is mind boggling some think it could have something in it.

    Oh my.

    What a trip to never-never land this whole e-cat farse is. Surely it is entertaining, but also disturbing every now and then.

  15. @Pekka

    Also, what would be the yield from Norman Cooks proposed theory of conversion of long term stable nuclear isomers to other stable lower energy state nuclear isomers? For instance – Tungsten (which cook emphatically says is part of the mossbauer based ‘fuel’ but in the reactor structure) is 14.31% 183W, the heater elements and the casing may be Tungsten.

  16. @Pekka Janhunen

    What if it was from nuclear spallation as per the claims of Olafsson and Holmlid?

    The most interesting part about the last few days following the completion of the test, is why would ‘the customer’ allow re-fuelling of the reactor if it failed?

    Ok, so maybe there is no customer – but really?

  17. Good to see you posted M.Y. comment Mats.
    I admire his never give an inch in this F9
    ECat battle.
    He would be a formidable opponent if we
    we’re in a real war.

  18. I assume the new factories are to run alongside the robotic factories he claimed to have built in USA and Europe more than 5 years ago. The world turns but sometimes nothing changes.

  19. Mats, do you know anything of the Lugano report Professors’ replication attempts?
    The skeptics have raised many issues, many not irrational, with various portions of the report. There has been no addressing of the issues by the Professors, other than the clamp reversal hypothesis and the ash switch hypothesis, both of which gave been strongly denied.
    The most egregious error is the emissivity one, where the total and normal emissivity values used are the same in the report, but have been shown to be quite different in several skeptical analyses. This is important in that the power calculated by the report authors is directly a result of the emissivity values used. The reported COP is therefore directly connected to this conflation of emissivity values.
    Although a positive report from the 1 year test will quiet and override most skeptical complaints, the Lugano error(s) will still hang over the E-Cat saga if unaddressed by the authors, in my opinion.

    I did enjoy your book, and thanks for signing it. It might become a valuable collectors item, no matter how this continuing story evolves.

  20. Hi again Henk. As you might have seen at Rossi’s blog (JONP), he has now confirmed that he’s planning to put a European production facility in Sweden, in collaboration with his Nordic licensee Hydrofusion. I have been aware of these plans for some time but wanted more explicit information. Probably some people here in Sweden, who have been accusing Rossi openly for fraud, will be amazed if they see E-Cat technology being produced here!


  21. No need for censuring. Mats has endured personal attacks much worse than the comments below.
    I do hope he will post a picture here with that opened bottle of champagne.
    Of course at the risk of MY crying wolf on the quality of the bubbles ( wet steam! )

    The real issue will be if it is in the business interests of IH to release the full content of the report.
    I suppose they have enough potential customers by now to go ahead without making the report available, and it seems Darden likes to fly under the radar as long as possible.
    That would leave us with whatever Rossi is willing to disclose on his blog and what Mats picks up from his sources. I can predict MY’s reaction: it is all “Rossi say”.
    Let’s wait and see, we live in interesting times.

  22. Mats, oh Mats… You are giving the logical and rational reputation of the Swedish people a bad name.., I understand you have invested many many hours in your pursuit of this story, but please tell me that if the results of this “test” come back “inconclusive” or some other random element crops up which means more delays ( as I know will happen) then you will regain some journalistic integrity, and admit you just might have been a bit hasty with the champagne on ice…….

  23. Heads up!

    The E-Cat must from now on be open source and miljons of people watching otherwise the risk of the trilion dollar energy world empire will kill this is great. They can do this in many ways. Please tell Rossi he must do this openly and live 24/7. A billon watt public spotlight on the e-cat over the internet.

    Not a conspiracy therory, it’s fact. Learn from history….

    starts at 2h 31 m.
    The Untold History Behind Disclosure HD – By Dr Steven M. Greer, MD
    Listen and think!

    Hopeful Regards to Mats and Andrea and buona fortuna 🙂

  24. “And probably, you will fall for that too”
    I disagree – he could manage to stand and not fall – you know, even many university “overunity” teachers are still in their places and I heard nothing about Hyperion scammers and supporters – do you think supporters are all fallen?
    In the meanwhile, he managed to sell some books – not as big as Levi entry from this story, but he is *only reporting* – not selling cold fusion devices…

  25. “We should soon know lf the
    impossible Invention is possible”

    Yes, “soon”. It was 2010 first time I heard “soon” about E Cat.
    Now, in 2016, story is about the same: “soon”, to know if it works for real.
    Might be next year? Or next century, why not?

  26. Well, Mats, once more you fall for Rossi’s scam, hook, line and sinker. When Rossi finally goes down in flames, which is as inevitable as Defkalion’s dismal failure (remember Defkalion’s claims?), then you will look like a fool. You really are amazingly gullible considering your training and obvious intelligence.

    I have no idea what, if anything, Rossi will produce by way of a report and a testing agent or agency but there is a precedent in his self “safety” test which was worthless and his nonspecific patent, which is worth even less. Whatever he comes up with will be equally idiotic. And probably, you will fall for that too.

    You need better sources! You need to hold Rossi accountable. You are the guy who, never once, required Rossi to calibrate his output power measurements and give proper access to his input power. I feel badly for you.

  27. I can’t but help wondering, how these alternate realities are built. Well, we DO have an abundance of religions.

  28. ofcourse….VALDOBBIADENE.
    E’ passato molto tempo (o poco) dal giorno in cui ti recasti a Bondeno per la prima prova
    pubblica dell’ECAT. Allora nessuno se la sentì di brindare……oggi invece è proprio il caso di
    “stappare” sia le bottiglie di VALDOBBIADENE che le vie di comunicazione.
    La notizia che hai dato è di rilevanza MONDIALE.
    Grazie anche al tuo lavoro di ottimo giornalista.

  29. Henk, I have no confirmed information, but I could hope for Sweden and I would think that there are good chances, given Sweden’s climate and interest in new technology, and also Rossi’s positive view on Sweden. In that case I hope to have contributed, despite severe critics among Swedish scientists and also the intense attacks on me and others in this field by the Swedish National Radio, SR, which even got a reward by the Swedish Association for Investigative Journalism, FGJ. Beat that!

  30. Hi Matts, thanks for the info.
    Rossi has mentioned that there will be two production locations, one in the US (IH?) and one in Europe.
    Have your sources indicated where in Europe?
    Would not be surprised that turns out to be Sweden, and that the first plants will be operated in Sweden.

    By the way, you sound more optimistic about Rossi being real than ever before!
    Waiting for the 3d edition of your book,

  31. Is there a place also for my PROSECCO in your fridge!?
    How to say A.R……”He,he,he”…

    Thanks Mats

  32. The amount of fuel must have been larger than few tenths of grams, because already the E=m*c^2 energy is 0.3 grams. If the energy comes from lithium7-proton reaction, the amount of lithium-7 that was turned to helium is 130 grams.

  33. Robbie, Please write exponentials in the form 3.6×10^4 versus 3.6 104. Such as in “the volumetric energy density observed was (3.6 104 ± 12%) MJ/L and the gravimetric energy density was (1.3 104 ± 10%) MJ/kg.” Very impressive numbers.


  34. 1904 two brothers, owner of a bicycle repair shop made the first flight with air plane. In London and Paris professors and other member of universities could not stop to Laugh about this “flying machine”. 10 year later the German “Luftstreitkräfte” almost bombed these cities to submission..

  35. Robbie Robertson

    I guess you are saying that Rossi can pull the wool over the eyes of the Canadian DoD? Study up and reconsider.

    Special Policy Project
    Defence Research and Development Canada, Corporate Office Ottawa

    As a senior analyst in the Office of the Chief Scientist, provides strategic analysis for S&T policy, capability and outlook, power and energy (P&E) in sustaining defence and security capabilities, here and abroad, with an emphasis on off-grid and arctic future challenges. Develops and manages projects in support of developing program innovation, excellence and knowledge management for Defence R&D Canada and the Defence S&T Enterprise.

    New publication: Evidence base for the development of an enduring DND/CAF Operational Energy Strategy (DOES) : Expressing Canadian values through defence operational energy stewardship here and abroad. http://cradpdf.drdc-rddc.gc.ca/PDFS/unc189/p800726_A1b.pdf

    Quote from the publication

    Most recent results from the third party independent E-Cat trials showed exceptional energy densities. When including internal plus external components the volumetric energy density observed was (3.6 104 ± 12%) MJ/L and the gravimetric energy density was (1.3 104 ± 10%) MJ/kg. The energy densities of gasoline are 32.4 MJ/L and 44.4 MJ/kg respectively. So the E-Cat is thousand times more volumetric energy dense and 293 times more gravimetric energy dense than gasoline.

    The conservative E-Cat gravimetric power density was (4.7 103 ± 10%) W/kg. Jet engines of Boeing 747 and Airbus A300 offer a power density 5.67 kw/kg. So the E-Cat is almost as gravimetric power dense as these jet engines. Wärtsilä RTA96-C 14-cylinder twostroke turbo diesel engines display 0.03 kW/kg. So the E-Cat is 100 times more gravimetric power dense than these ship engines.

  36. Saudi Oil Minister: Oil Age Is Ending – Energy and Capitol
    By Keith Kohl | Thursday, February 18th, 2016

    Saudi Arabia is well known for its oil production.

    But it’s recently been shying away from it for its own energy needs.

    And it’s all thanks to this unique type of fuel, which is quickly but quietly being adopted worldwide.

    Saudi oil minister Ali Al-Naimi has even gone so far as to say:

    “In Saudi Arabia, we recognize that… we’re not going to need fossil fuels. So we have embarked on a program to develop [a new type of fuel]. Hopefully, one of these days, instead of exporting fossil fuels, we will be exporting [this new] power.”

    This is from Energy and Capitol – Practical Investment Analysis in the New Energy Economy. No mention of LENR, clueless, still the quote from the Saudi oil minister Ali Al-Naimi is significant.

    On the other hand, the analysis from Sifferkoll is spot on, LENR energy, as a black swan, is emergent.

    Om Sifferkoll

    Then there is this…


    If you were sitting on a cash cow which gave you a license to print money (generated nearly $400 billion in revenue in 2014), enabled you to influence global leaders, keep your fellow citizens employed, and allowed you to build palaces all over the world, would you sell it off in bits and pieces?

    Probably not…

    Yet that’s exactly what the Saudis, specifically the Kingdom’s leadership of King Salman and his sons, may end up doing via an initial public offering (IPO).

    You see, the Saudis own Aramco, literally the most valuable company on earth. It is the largest producer of crude oil in the world, and ships more oil globally than any company or country. It’s the king of oil.

    Bloomberg speculatively reported that Aramco could be valued anywhere from $1 trillion to $10 trillion if it IPOs…

    But the timing of this IPO, if rumours of it are true, would be the worst of any major IPO I’ve ever seen. Oil is in the dumps. WTI closed today at a 12-year low of $31.30. No one wants to touch oil with a ten-foot pole. Bearish sentiment is at unprecedented highs (much worse than 2008).

    – See more at: http://capitalistcreations.com/the-saudis-oil-secret/#sthash.fGcfaqqq.dpuf

    Read more at http://www.oilandgaspress.com/wp/?p=27652#ehT9OKlEMxyyZOGJ.99
    Show less

  37. Will it be possible to access the symposium on-line(from all of us stuck at work on the 21st)?
    K r , H

  38. Let’s hope the report is both positive and illuminating. Rossi has said that the “customer” may decide not to identify themselves which would make the test completely pointless.

  39. Let’s hope it is an event of historical importance. If so, Rossi deserves the Nobel Prize…but we need a lot more detail. Some of us find it extremely odd that this development is taking place in such secrecy. Let’s hope we now move into an era of open publicity.

  40. The first 1MW trial were completed many years ago. The unit was built claimed to be running and sold. It was of course a load of crap. It was part of the big scam that followed the exposure of the 1st scam on the LENR claims for the e-cat that was followed by the hot-cat. The world now understands these scams. What is new this time? seems to be same people, same claims etc etc. .

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